Germfree24 500ml

New Germfree24 500ml

Zoono is a broad spectrum anti-microbial disinfectant and sanitizer, available in 2 products:

1.       Zoono Surface Cleaner – a surface disinfectant solution that stays active for up to 30 days.

Ø  Does not wipe / wash off within the 30-day period.

2.       GermFree24 – a water-based hand sanitizer and moisturizer that protects your hands against germs and cross contamination for up to 24 hours, with only a single application.

Ø  hands can be washed as many times during the 24 hours without removing the product.

These two products are nano-technology marvels. The Zoono intelligent molecules form covalent bonds between the silicone and oxygen molecules (Silane-technology) creating positively charged microscopic pins, which attract negatively charged pathogens. These pins penetrate the pathogen’s membrane, destroys it (the process known as lysis) and at the same time prevents microbial mutation that could lead to superbugs. These spiked-silicone polymers do this repeatedly without fail.

A few key notes on these 2 products:

·         Most effective and cost-effective sanitizer and disinfectant on the market

·          Affordable at R2 per person per day, around the clock protection for as little as R60 / person / month

·         Continues to provide protection even after hand washing

·         Kills virus, bacteria and fungus on contact

·         Approved and certified by SABS, FDA, EPA and Halaal

·         Environmentally friendly – safe for humans (including infants) animals and plants

·         Non-allergenic, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and non-corrosive

·         Odorless, no chemical vapor and contains no dyes, thickeners or stabilizers

·         Safe to use on most surfaces including plastic, wood, metals, fabrics and carpets.

·         Zoono’s efficacy has been tested in more than 100 independent labs globally

·         It has been proven to be effective against Covid-19

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