For BMW R1200 GSA Binocular Vision H11 (pre LC), 40W

New For BMW R1200 GSA Binocular Vision H11 (pre LC), 40W

Ultimate Lighting Technologies presents the perfect addition to your LED headlight replacement kit. 

The original BMW Adventure Motorcycle Auxiliary lights are fitted with a H11 type Halogen bulb. This LED bulb replacement kit is a simple plug and play product used to replace the halogen bulbs referred to above. Installing this kit helps you avoid having to add aftermarket spotlights that come with a wiring harness, relay and switch yet our LED kit provides you with a 400% increase in light output. Unlike aftermarket LED motorcycle spots, the light produced isn't only focused in one spot at a distance but instead has a lovely spread of about 120 degrees forward.

This product has a light temperature (the colour) of 6000 Kelvin (Midday sunlight is around 5780K) and produces a bright 5000 Lumen of light (this determines the visibility during daytime / how clearly & how much you see at night).

This product consumes 63.6% less power than halogen bulbs, liberating Amps for more accessories or simply an extended battery life. You need to be aware that there is one minor modification that needs to be made to the rear of the spotlight cover (please see the H11 installation video). We supply you with the H/Saw head (as used in the installation video)

The BMW R1200 GSA Binocular Vision H11 combined with the Nocturnal Vision H7 LED headlight replacement kit produces almost 10 000 Lumen of light that lights up the road surface considerably as well the sides of the road, greatly increasing the overall focus of your motorcycle light output, expanding your vision and increasing personal safety on the road.

Our LED headlights are equipped with only the best chips (where the light is produced – with halogen bulbs it is a tungsten filament) named CREE chips. CREE is an American company with the highest quality chips. One can expect triple the life of CREE chips compared to other brands.

Our LED headlights are water -, vibration- and shockproof. LED headlights are environmentally friendly products.

Ø  Up to 63% less in energy consumption

Ø  Extended lifespan, 30,000 hrs +

Ø  Precise colour rendering

Ø  Eliminates any future bulb replacement

Ø  Plug & Play DIY

Ø  Prudent energy usage

Ø  Reduction in eye strain – Headaches, fatigue

Ø  18 month warranty

Ø  Easy to install - uses existing fixtures

Ø  Made of recyclable materials

Ø  Environmentally friendly product

Ø  Zero Electromagnetic Interference / Radio Frequency Interference

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