Dragonfly 9004, 5600 Lumen, 6000K, 60W

Dragonfly 9004, 5600 Lumen, 6000K, 60W
ULT presents yet another product in the 5Th generation LED headlight kit range. This product has a light temperature (the colour) of 6000 Kelvin (Midday sunlight is around 5780K) and produces a rich 5600 Lumen (this determines how much / clearly you see)

Halogens generally produce 3000 Kelvin with 1000 Lumen / set. This set consumes 60W / set compared to 110W / set with Halogens, thus 46% less power consumption while producing 83% more light.

Installation type on this product is plug and play. This product comes with 2 x bulb. The fan and ballast are built into the bulb housing.

We compared our Dragonfly LED headlight replacement kit with a German Manufactured HID (Xenon) kit. The brightness produced on the same vehicle was very similar, the LED being pure white and the HID being (around 7000K) blue white.

Please view our video to see how unbelievably easy the LED headlight kit installation is. HID Xenon lights take more than two minutes to get to optimum temperature, meanwhile producing a green sludge of light. LED lights take a millionth of a second to reach maximum brightness. Instant on! See this video: HID Xenon VS Halogens VS OEM HID VS LED headlight replacement kit - YouTube

Our LED headlights are equipped with only the best chips (where the light is produced – with halogen bulbs it is a tungsten filament) named CREE chips. CREE is an American company with the highest quality chips. One can expect triple the life of CREE chips compared to other brands.

Our Dragonfly LED headlight replacement kit is an exclusive product with a built in fan for heat dissipation as well as a built in ballast. The LED chip (bulb) produces no heat. Usually the base of the bulb produces heat, this needs to be vented to ensure long life of the headlight.

The operating voltage of this headlight kit is 9 – 24 Volts which makes this products suitable for an array of vehicles.

Ø  Up to 63% less in energy consumption

Ø  Extended lifespan, 30,000 hrs +

Ø  Precise colour rendering

Ø  Eliminates any future bulb replacement

Ø  Plug & Play DIY

Ø  Prudent energy usage

Ø  Reduction in eye strain – Headaches, fatigue

Ø  18 month warranty

Ø  Easy to install - uses existing fixtures

Ø  Made of recyclable materials

Ø  Environmentally friendly product

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