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About ULT -

Ultimate Lighting Technologies is the leading one stop shop for automotive LED headlight replacement kits & accessories for cars, bakkies & motorcycles.

We source & import only the highest quality LED headlight kits to bring the best value for money products to market.

About the MD -

After years of driving my car (and riding my motorcycle) at night, longing for improved lights on my vehicles, being able to definitively see what is on the road ahead, I have finally found it! LED headlights… Crystal clear white light output, so much better than the old filament bulbs, the conclusion is simple: convert to LED headlights

About LED headlights

No more harsh braking when an object makes an appearance from under a cloud of feeble halogen lights, failing to provide enough time to spot an object on the road as well as to be able to ascertain the level of danger, if any. Not anymore!

Using LED headlights during daytime dramatically increases safety on the road, LED’s consume approximately 63% less than halogen bulbs yet LED’s provide 68% more light. People WILL see you. The NRMA reckons that four out of five intersection collisions are due to one driver not seeing the other driver. Driving with your lights on, unbelievably, can reduce fatal day time accidents by up to 25%, research suggests.

Having sufficient light on a vehicle during the day makes you appear as if travelling faster than you actually are which decreases the likeliness of a driver in front of you at an intersection risking a maneuver (a resounding YES for bikers). http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2746026/Please-don-t-die-like-boy-Mother-releases-harrowing-footage-son-s-death-97mph-horror-motorbike-crash-try-stop-families-going-agony.html View this article for some perspective!